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How To Get Started With Legacy Energy Forms

Find a Forms Package

We offer over 1800 Oil & Gas legal forms.  We have grouped the forms together in packages to provide the most comprehensive form builder tools.

Select A Forms Package

Select Specific Forms Package, Landman Combo Packages or the entire Forms Package Library.

Download Forms Package

Confirm your purchase and you will receive an email with a link to download your forms package. You can begin editing your forms immediately.


Legacy Energy Forms offers the largest library of energy legal form templates in the industry.

We offer over 2000 Easy-to-Use, customizable legal forms that are designed to cater to the energy industry.  Our forms were written and designed as “Legal Templates” specialized for the all aspects of the Energy Industry.  

All of our forms are authored by Oil & Gas Attorneys with over 40 years in the Energy Industry.  Legacy Energy Forms are designed to help you save time and money. Our forms are bundled into packages based on our experience working with Land Professionals, Landowners and Energy Attorneys.