How The Legacy Energy Forms Packages Work

The Legacy Energy Forms packages are easy to use. There is no new package to learn to have complete access to all forms. Your ability to use the forms to document oil, gas, and energy transactions only depends on your ability to use your existing word processing package.

All of the forms are available in both Rich Text Format (“RTF”) (which can be read by and saved to any word processing package) and MSWord. You have a choice as to the format you want to save a form to a file for editing and revision when you use the “Save To” function, described below. (MSWord is the default selection.)

In making the forms available in both formats, some specialized format features have not been included. You may want to add these to a document to meet your specific requirements. For example, the forms do not contain signature lines, in that these lines will be replaced with text or moved when you edit the form to meet your particular transactions needs.

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