Our Customers

Legacy Energy Forms has been providing forms for use in oil and gas transactions since 1989. The following is a partial list of companies and organizations that have purchased Legacy Energy Forms from its inception through 2017.

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A B Production Company

ABPS Energy, Inc.


A. P. Land Services, Inc.

Abacus Land Service

Abarta Oil & Gas Co., Inc.

Abilene Christian University

Abney & Warwick

Abraxas Petroleum Corporation

Abstract and Title Resources

Abundant Resources

Acceleration Resources LLC

Acta Operating Company

Activa Resources, Ltd.


Adams Resources Exploration

Adelante E.P.

Adexco Production Co.

Adkins Supply, Inc.

Advantage Oil & Gas

Adventure Capital Investments

ADW Petroleum LP

AEDC (USA), Inc.

Aeon Energy Corp.

Aimee Hess P.C.

Airtime Land Services LLC

Alan C. Prigge & Associates, Inc.

Albert, Neely & Kihlmann, LLP

Aldridge, Bryan (Law office of)

Alcorn Energy

Alisa Terrell Starbird, P.C.

Allegheny Energy Development Corp.

Allen & Associates

Alliance Resources Corp.

Allison & Shoemaker, LLP

Alpine, Inc.

Alta Mesa Holdings

Alta Mesa Resources, LP

Amadeus Petroleum

Amerada Hess Corporation

American Energy Partners, Inc.

American National Energy Corporation

Ameritex Minerals

Amerman Mineral Interest

Aminex USA, Inc.

Ammonite Energy Texas, Inc.

Amoco Production Company

AmWes Exploration LLC

Anadarko Petroleum Corporation

Anderson & Associates

Anderson Oil & Gas, Inc.

Anderson Oil, Ltd.

Andex Resources, L.L.C.

Angelle & Donohue

AnnaRock Petroleum LLC

Apache Corporation

Apache Drilling Company

Apland Services, Inc.

Apollo Energy, LLC

Approach Resources, Inc.

Arco Construction

Ardent I, LLC

Arizona Oil & Gas

Ark-La-Tex Energy Partners, LLC

Arkoma Bakken

Arkoma Natural Gas

Arkoma Production Company

Armada Oil, Inc.

Armstrong Energy Corporation

Armstrong Oil & Gas, Inc.

Arnold Oil Properties, Inc.

Arpent Land Services, L.L.C.

Arrington CJM, Inc.

Arrington Companies

Arriva Energy, Inc.

Arter & Hadden, LLP

Artex Oil Company

Aruba Petroleum, Inc.

Ascent Oil Company

Ashtola Exploration Company, Inc.

Aspect Energy

Aspen Energy Group, Inc.

Atco Producing Co., Inc.

Athlon Energy

Atlanta Exploration Company

Atlantic Operating, Inc.

Atlantic Richfield

Atropos Exploration Co.

Augustus Energy Partners LLC

Aurora Energy Solutions, Inc.

Aurora Energy, Ltd.

Aurora Production, LLC

Avalon Energy, LLC

B W Energy Consultants, Inc.

B&B Oil, Inc.

B&B Resources

B&G Royalties

B.W.O.C., Inc.

Babcock & Brown Energy, Inc.

Baggett, Gordon & Deison

Baker Donelson

Baker Recovery, Inc.

Balch & Bingham LLP

Ballantyne Oil

Bandera Minerals, LLC

Bankhead Attorneys

Barclay Leasing Service

Barrett Brothers Oil & Gas, Inc.

Barthel Industries, LLC

Basa Resources, Inc.

Basin Energy

Basin Management Group

Battlecat Oil and Gas LLC

Baucum, Steed, Barker

Bay Rock Operating Co.

Bayhorse Petroleum, LLC

Baylor University Law School

Bayou City Exploration, Inc.

Bayshore Exploration

Bayshore Oil and Gas Corporation

Baytide Petroleum, Inc.

BD Production

Beach Exploration

BeachTex Oil Company

Bean Resources

Bearcat, Inc.

Beartooth Energy Partners

Beckham, Rector & Eargle, L.L.P.

Beldon & Blake

Belden Blaine, LLP

Benchmark Oil and Gas Company

Benco Operating

Benjalia Land and Cattle

Benson & Schoen Oil Co.

Benson-Montin-Greer Drilling Corp.

Benton Oil & Gas

Bergield Land & Minerals Group

Berry Petroleum Company

Beta Oil & Gas, Inc.

Bettis, Boyle & Stovall

Big B Crane

Big Bear

Big Lake Corporation

Big Star Oil and Gas, LLC

Bishop Land Service Inc.

Bison Exploration LP

Bjork, Lindley, Danielson & Little, P.C.

Black Hawk Drilling, Inc.

Black, Margaret

Black Mountain Exploration

Black River Royalties, Ltd.

Black Valley Energy

Blackstone Energy

Blue Diamond Enterprises

Blue Diamond Oil

Blue River, Inc.

Blue Tip Energy

Bluebonnet Exploration

Bluecrest Energy

Bluestar Land Services

Bluestern Petroleum, LLC

Bluestone Enterprises, LLC

Blumenfeld, Michael

BNO Petroleum

Boaz Energy

Bob Pearson Oil & Gas

Boldrick, Clifton, Holland & Essman

Boothbay Royalty Co.

Borco Energy, Inc.

Border to Border Exploration

Borderline Operating

Boreno Enterprises

Boudreaux Properties, Inc.

Box D-H Real Estate

Boyd & McWilliams Energy Group, Inc.

BPI Industries

Bracewell & Giliani

Bradley & Tomlin

Bradley Woods and Co.

Brady & Hamilton, LLP

Bramlett Oil & Gas

Brammer Supply Company

Branta EP

Brasher Oil & Gas Properties, Inc.

Brass Tax, Inc.

Brazos Gas Company

Breitburn Energy Co., LP

Breitling Oil and Gas

Brett M. Poston, P.C.

Bridas Energy

Bridwell Oil Company

Bright Horizon Resources, LLC

Brim Energy Co.

Brinkley Walser, PLLC

Britton Operating, Inc.

Broad Oak Energy, Inc.

Brock Energy Acquisitions LLC

Brookston Resources

Broude & Hochberg

Brown & Fortino, P.C.

Bruce Wolitarsky & Associates

Bruchez & Goss, P.C.

Brunini, Grantham, Grower & Hewes

Bruseato Land and Minerals, Inc.

Bryant & Bryant, Inc.

BSE Production Co.

BTA Oil Producers

Buck Mountain Resources

Buckhorn Energy, LLC

Buckley, Matthews, White & Howell

Buffalo Natural

Burgundy Oil & Gas, Inc.

Burleson Cooke LLP

Burlington Resources Inc.

Burnett Oil Co., Inc.

Burns Operating, LLC

Buttram Energies, Inc.

BW Energy Consultants, Inc.

C & D Management Company

C & M Operating Co., LLC

C W Resources, Inc.

C. E. Stone, Inc.

C. Mark Maloney Co.

C.N.S. Energy, Inc.

Cable Petroleum Company

Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation

Caffey Group (The)

Cain Professional Land Services, Inc.

Cajun Exploration, LLC

Calpine Natural Gas, L.P.

Cambria Energy

Campbell Royalty

Camterra Resources, Inc.

CamWest Exploration L.L.C.

Canaan Natural Gas Corporation

Capital Star Oil & Gas

Caprock Minerals, LLC

Capstone Oil and Gas Co., L.P.

Carbon Economy, LLC

Carburante Energy

Cardinal River Energy Co.

Carl Henderson & Associates, Inc.

Carneros Energy, Inc.

Carrol W. Lake & Associates

Carter E&P, LLC

Carter Exploration Co.

Carthage Title Company

Cascade Petroleum, LLC


Castaneda Consulting LLC

Castle Peak Resources

Catalyst Energy, Inc.

Cazador Oil & Gas


CEC Energy Consultants

Cedar Hill Operating Co.

CEJA Corporation

Centennial Land Company

Centerpoint Resources, Inc.

Centex Operating Co.

Central Operating Incorporated

Central Resources, Inc.

Centurion Exploration Company

Centurion Resources, LLC

Century Assets Corporation

Century Exploration Houston, Inc.

CH4 Energy, LLC

CH4 Production Company, Inc.

Chaco Energy Company

Chalfant Properties

Champion Management Company

Chanoco Corp.

Chapman Snodgrass & Associates

Charis Energy LLC

Charlie Hudson & Associates, Inc.

Charlton Ventures Corp.

CharterPeak LLC

Cheaha Land Services

Chemung Abstract Corporation

Chernicky & Associates

Cherokee Consultants

Chesapeake Energy

Chevron USA, Inc.

Chi Energy, LLC

Chief Oil and Gas

China Star Oil Co., LLC

Chisholm Exploration Co.

Chisos Operating, Inc.

Choate Company, Inc.

Choctaw Energy, Ltd.

Cholla Petro, Inc.

Cholla Petroleum, Inc.

Choska Energy LLC

Christeve Oil Company, Inc.

Christopher Oil and Gas

Chuck Pearson & Associates

Cimarex Energy Co.

Cimmaron Field Services

Cirrus Exploration Co.

Cisco Energy, LLC

Citation Oil & Gas Corp.

C-KON, Inc.

Claude W. Holland, Inc.

Clay Energy

Clayton Title Services, Inc.

Clayton Williams Energy

Clean Gas, Inc.

Clear Fork Royalty

Clear Water, Inc.

CLECO Energy


CMS Energy

CMS Oil and Gas Company

CMX, Inc.

Coastland Resources

Coastline Exploration

Coastline Operating, LLC

Cobra Oil & Gas Corporation

Cody Oil & Gas Corp.

COG Operating LLC

Cole, Cole & Eastley

Collins Land Group LLC

Columbia Gulf Transmission Co.

Columbus Petroleum

Comanche Exploration Company, LLC

Comanche Oil & Gas Corporation

Combined Resources Corporation

Compass Operating, LLC

Concessions International

Concho Resources, Inc.

Concord Oil Company

Concorde Resources Corp.

Conquest Energy Incorporated

Consolidated Oil and Gas

Contex Energy Co.

Continental Land Resources, LLC

Continental Resources of Illinois, Inc.

Cook Inlet Oil & Gas Corp.

Corbett, Steelman & Specter

Core Development, Inc.

Core Minerals Operating Company

Corlena Oil Company

CornerStone Energy, Inc.

Cornerstone Natural Resources

Coronado Resources, LLC

Cortez Resources

Cosgrove Exploration

Cotham, Harwell & Evans, P.C.

Cotton Valley Investments, Inc.

Cotton, Bledsoe, Tighe & Dawson, P.C.

Coughlin Land Services, LLC

Country Mark Energy Resources

Courtland Company, L.L.C.

Cove Petroleum Corporation

Cox & Smith Incorporated

Cox Gas Corporation

Crawley Petroleum Corp.

Crenshaw, Dupree & Milam

Crew Land Research

Crews & Zeren

Crimson Energy Partners, L.P.

Crimson Exploration

Crossroads Exploration LLC

Crowley, Haughey, Hanson

CRT's Inc.

CSV Holdings

Culebra Oil & Gas, LLC

Cumberland Drilling

Curtis D. Horne & Associates, LLC

CW Resources, Inc.

Cyber Financial, Inc.

Cypress Energy Corporation

D. A. Crowe & Associates

D. J. Energycom, L.L.C.

D. J. Resources, Inc.

D. L. Operating

D. Y. Exploration

Dabney Company

Dahab Energy, Inc.

Dakotah Oil

Dallas Production, Inc.

Danmark Energy

Dataland Resources

Daugherty Petroleum Inc.

David Albert Oil and Gas

David Bros. LLC

David Murrell & Associates, Inc.

David Petroleum Corp.

Davis and Namson

Davis Petroleum Corp.

Davis Property Management, LLC

Davis Resources Management

Davis, Graham & Stubbs

Dawson Energy

Daystar Petroleum, Inc.

DC Resources, LLC

DCA Investments

DCDC, Inc.

Deal Drilling LLC

Dean Energy, Inc.

Deka Exploration, Inc.

Delaney Land & Mineral

Delphi Oil, Inc.

Delta Exploration

Delta P. Engineering Services

Delta Phoenix

Denton Exploration, Inc.

DeShields Oil and Gas

Destiny Exploration

Devon Energy Corporation

Devx Energy, Inc.

Dewbre Petroleum

Dial Productions Co.

Diane Shroyer, Inc.

Dibernardo Enterprises, Inc.

Dinero Operating Co.

Dinero, Inc.

Dinsmore & Shohl

Diverse Energy Management Co.

Diversified Resources, Inc.

Dixon Services, Inc.

DL Energy, LLC



Dodgen Properties, Inc.

Dodson Law Office

Doggy Oil

Dolphin Petroleum

Dominion Appalachian Development, Inc.

Dominion East Ohio

Dominion Exploration & Production, Inc.

Dominion Land and Minerals

Dorado Exploration, Inc.

Dorado Petroleum, LLC

Dorsey, Donald, Attorney at Law

Dossett & Dossett, Inc.

Double Deuce Land & Minerals, Inc.

Double Diamond Energy Corp.

Dougherty Law Firm, P.C.

DP Energy LLC

DRD Operating

Drillers, LLC

Dry Creek Petroleum, LLC

DSG Resources LLC

DTE Gas and Oil Company

DTE Gas Resources LLC

Duke Company

Duke Energy Field Services

Duncan Land & Energy, Inc.

Duncan Oil, Inc.

Dune Energy

Dune Properties, Inc.

DW Energy Group

Dylan Peyton, LLC

E. N. Smith III Energy Corp.

E. S. Mayer & Sons, Ltd.

Eagle Oil & Gas Co.

Eagle Production & Development Company

Eagle Resources, LP

Earth Prospects


East Lake Resources, Inc.

East Resources, Inc.

Easterling & Associates

Easterling Acquisitions LLC

Eastern American Energy Corp.

Eastex Development

Echo Energy L.L.C.

Eclipse Resources

Eclipse Resources I, LP

Edgewood Energy, Inc.

Edington Land Services, Inc.

Egger Law Firm PLLC

EGL Resources

Eiche, Mapes & Co., Inc.

El Indio Operating Co., Inc.

El Paso E&P Company, L.P.

El Ran, Inc.

Electro-Seise, Inc.

Elephant Oil & Gas

Eli Smith & Associates

Elias, Books, Brown & Nelson

Elk Petroleum, Inc.

Elliott Oil Company

Ellora Energy

ELM Corporation

ELS and Company, Inc.

Elson Oil Company

Emily Kyle Land Services, Inc.

EnCana Energy Resources, Inc.

EnCana Oil & Gas (USA), Inc.

Enchantment Exploration, LLC

Encore Acquisition Company

Encray Corp.

Endeavor Energy Resources, L.P.

Enercorp LLC

Energen Resources

Energy Corporation of America

Energy Frontiers Partners, L.P.

Energy Investments

Energy Land Resources

Energy Resources Management, LLC

Energy Resources of America

Energy Search Company

Energy Supply Corp.

Energy Quest

EnerQuest Corporation

EnerVest Management Partners, Ltd.

Enery Land Resources

Engas Corporation

England Resources Corporation

Enhanced Oil Resources, Inc.

Enhanced Recovery Solutions, Inc.

Envision Energy Resources, Inc.

EOG Resources, Inc.

Equitable Production Company

Equity Oil Company

Ereunad Oil & Gas

Errebo Law Offices

eSeis, Inc.

Esenja Petroleum

Esterlina Energy Co., Inc.

Eurenergy Resources Corporation

Evan Energy Company

Evervest Resource Company

Evolution Petroleum Corp.

Excalibur E & P LLC

Excalibur Services, Inc.

Excel Energy Company

EXL Petroleum

Exok, Inc.

Exploration Partners, Ltd.

Explorer Investments, LLC

Express Field Services

External Systems USA, Inc.

Exterra Resources, Inc.

Exxon Mobil Corporation

F. V. Thomas & Associates

Fagadau Energy Corporation

Fair Law Office

Fairfield Energy Company

Fairfield Industries

Fairmont Production Co.

Fairways Exploration & Production, LLC

Falcon Creek Resources, Inc.

Falcon Gas Storage Company, Inc.

Farnsworth & Vonberg

Farrell Oil Company

Fasken Oil and Ranch

Featherstone Development Corp.

Federhoff Production Co.

Fell Oil & Gas, LLP

Fender Exploration Production Co., LLC

Fenway Land, LLC

Fergus & Fergus

Fidelity Exploration & Production Co.

Fidelity Mineral & Land Services, Inc.

Field, Manning, Stone

Fife Exploration

Fillmore Spencer LLC

FIML Natural Resources, LLC

Finley Resources, Inc.

First American Oil Corporation

First Permian LLC

First Rock Inc.

First Source Energy, L.P.

Fischer, Rollin (Law Offices of)

Flagstone Development, LP

Flairtex Resources, Inc.

Flatiron Resources

Flatirons LLC

Fleming Land LLC

Fletcher Interests

FOG, Inc.

Ford Energy Corp.

Forge Energy, LLC

Forney & Company

Forst Oil Corporation

Foundation Energy

Four State Land

Four States Land & Minerals

Fowler Oil & Gas, LLC

Fowler, Rodriguez & Chalos

FPJ Land Company, Ltd.

Frank Armstrong, Attorney at Law

Fredonia Resources

Freedom Companies

Fritzler Resources, Inc.

Frontier Land Corp.

FRW Oil and Gas

Fulbright & Jaworski

Fusselman Law Firm (The)

Future Petroleum Corp., LLC

G M Oil Properties

G&H Associates, Inc.

Gaedeke Oil and Gas

Gaither Petroleum Corporation

Gamble Land Services

Garner, Roberts & Roberts, L.L.P.

Gary A. Monroe & Associates

Gasper-Rice Resources, Ltd.

Gastar Exploration

Gates-O'Brien, Inc.

Gatling Land Company

Gauren Exploration, Inc.

Geneca Group

Genecov Group

Genesis Land & Mineral Resources

GEO Engineering, Inc.

Geo Management Services

George C. Hippard, P.C.

George R. Brown Partnership (The)

Gibraltar Founders

Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP

Gilbreath Energy LLC

Gilmer & Associates

Glenwood Resources, Inc.

Global Exploration Consultants

GM Oil Properties

GMA Energy, Inc.

GNK, Inc.

GNR Research Corp.

Godolphin, Inc.

Gold Fields Mining Corporation

Golden Oil Co.

Goldston Oil Corporation

Gonzalez Mineral Trust

Goodwin & Goodwin

Gossett Oil and Gas Properties, L.P.

Graceland Resources, Inc.

Granbury Exploration & Development, LLC

Grand Energy, Inc.

Graves & Co.

Gray and Johnson, PLLP

Graygoose Resources

Grayson Petroleum Company

Greasewood Oil Co.

Great Eastern Energy & Development

Great Lakes Chemical Corp.

Great Lakes Energy Partners LLC

Great Plains Land Services, Inc.

Great Western Drilling Company

Greehey Investments, Ltd.

Greenberg Traurig, LLP

Greenfield Land Management, LLC

Greenhill Energy Holdings, Inc.

Griffin Consulting

Griffin Resources, Inc.

Griffith Land Services

Grindstaff & Grindstaff

Gruy Petroleum Management Co.

Guardian Exploration Co., LLC

Guest Petroleum, Inc.

Gulf Bend Resources, LLC

Gulf Coast Mineral LLC

Gulf Coast Records, LLC

Gulf Land & Seismic, Inc.

Gunn Oil Company

Gunter Properties, Inc.

H & L Operating Co., LLP

H. Huffman & Co.

H.E.P. Oil Company, Ltd.

H3 Operating, LLC

Hadaway Engineering, Inc.

Hair Family Ltd. Partnership

Halliburton Operating Company

Hallwood Petroleum, LLC

Hamby & Hamby Law Firm

Hampe & Iglesias, PLLC

Hance Scarborough Wright

Hanley Land Services

Hanson & Strahn, Inc.

Hanson Oil Corporation

Hanson Operating Company

Harbour Law Firm

Harding Company

Harper Petroleum Company

Harper-Hefte, Inc.

Hartline, Dacus, Barger, Dreyer & Kern

Hartman Oil Co., Inc.

Harvard Petroleum Company, LLC

Harwood Capital, Inc.

Haworth, Steven C. (Law Office of)

Hayes Land & Production Co.

Headington Oil Company

Healy & Baillie

Heartland Resources

Hedberg Oil Corp.

Hellwig Land Resources

Helm Energy, L.L.C.

Helmerich & Payne, Inc.

Henry Petroleum

Henry Resources LLC

Heritage Standard Corporation

Heroux & Helton

Hess Corporation

Hewitt Energy Group LLC

Highland Oil and Gas LLC

Highlander Environmental Corp.

Hilcorp Energy Company

Hildalgo Oil & Exploration

Hilliard Energy, Inc.

Hinkle Engineering, Inc.

Hinkle, Hensley, Shanor & Martin

Hogan Energy Consulting

Hogback Exploration, Inc.

Hoge & Gameros, LLP

Holland Johns Scartz & Penney

Hollis R. Sullivan, Inc.

Hondo Energy Partners, LLC

Hood & Husen, Attorneys

Hood Petroleum, Inc.

Hook & Husen, Attorneys

Hopewell Operating, Inc.

Hoppy Toad Oil Corporation

Horizon Resources, L.P.

Horn Engineering

Howard E. Martin & Assoc., PLLC

Howard S. Wright Construction

Howell Oil & Gas, Inc.

H-S Exploration

Hughes Oil, Inc.

Hulen Operating Company

Hunt Oil Company

Hunter Energy Exploration

Hunter Oil Company

Hunton & Williams

Hurd Enterprises, Ltd.

Husch Blackwell Sanders, LLP

Hyquest Energy, Inc.

IA Operating, Inc.

ICA Energy, Inc.

Impact Energy Resources

Imperial Energy, Inc.

Incline Energy

Indian Oil Company

Indianola Enterprises LLC

Indigo Minerals LLC

Inflection Energy

Insignia Energy Group, Inc.

InTank Services, Inc.

Integral Resources

Integrative Energy

Integrative Energy (USA) LLC

Interstate Explorations, LLC

Ironrock Energy Associates, Inc.

Island Oil & Gas

Issachar Operating Company

J&R Landman Service Corp.

J V Resources

J. C. Turner, Inc.

J. David Reynolds Co.

J. E. Meyer, Inc.

J. M. Huber Corporation

J. Sam Heartsill Petroleum Land Service

J.P.H. Oil Producers, Inc.

J.P.F. Land Services, Inc.

J6 Operating LLC

Jabsco Oil Operating, LLC

Jack D. Sullivan, Inc.

Jack Wilhelm (Law Office of)

Jackfork Land, Inc.

Jackson, DeMarco & Peckenpaugh

Jaco Energy Co., Inc.

Jaguar Energy, LLC

James E. Smith & Associates

Jana Franklin, P.C.

Jean Solot, LLC

JEC Operating L.L.C.

Jeff R. Massey & Associates

Jennings Exploration

Jennings Productoin Company

Jerman Consultant Group

Jetta Production Co.

JHS Energy, Inc.

Jim Bourbeau Land Service, LLC

JMC International

JMK Service

John M. Clark, Inc.

Johnson & Jones

Joint Resource Company

Jones & Zwiener, Inc.

Jones Fussell, LLP

Joseph C. Stewart & Co.

Journey Oil and Gas, Inc.

Joyce Oil & Gas, Inc.

JPW Energy LLC

Justin Kessler Company

Justiss Oil Company

J-W Operating Company

K. B. Holley Land & Exploration

K. P. Kauffman Company, Inc.

K2 Energy, Inc.

K3 Oil and Gas

K9 Energy LLC

Kachina Pipeline

Kalbian, Hagerty, L.L.P.

Kalos Corporation

Kapstone Marketing, Inc.

KBC Land Services, Inc.

KCS Resources, Inc.

Keating Energy

Kees Exploration Company

Kelly, Hart & Hallman

Kelmer Oil Company

Ken Baker & Associates

Kenne Exploration, Inc.

Kenneth R. Drew, Inc.

Kent C. Manoushagian Oil and Gas

Kentucky Natural Gas Corp.

Kerns Oil & Gas, Inc.

Kerr, Ward, McLaughlin & Miller

Kerr-McGee Oil & Gas Onshore LLC

Kes Energy, Inc.

Key Production Company, Inc.

Kilburn, Jones, Gill & Campbell, LLP

Kilgore & Kilgore, PLLC

Killam Companies

Kilrush Petroleum, Inc.

Kimichee Oil Co., Inc.

Kinder Petroleum Land Services

Kinder-Morgan CO2

Kindred Petroleum

King & Spalding

King Operating Corp.

King Ranch Energy

Kinney, Kasha & Buthod

Kinsey Interests, Inc.

Kirkwood Oil & Gas, LLC

Kismet Properties

KLM Petroleum Corp.

KMV Consulting, Inc.

KN Energy

Koch Exploration Co., LLC

Kohler Stephens Ltd.

Kokomo Energy, Inc.

Kona, Ltd.


Kugle, Skelton & Bennett, P.C.

Kuteman Oil & Gas, Inc.

KWR Ventures, LLC

Ky-Tenn Oil, Inc. (KTO)

L & J Operating, Inc.

L&M Exploration

L. E. Behn, Inc.

L. J. Stein & Company

LaCampana, Inc.

Lacy Operations, Ltd.

Laddex, Ltd.


LaFont Tunnell Law Firm

LaFranco Partners Management, Inc.

Lake Ronel Oil Company

Lake Superior Consultants

Lamda Energy

Land Access, Inc.

Land Consultants, Inc.

Land Management Services, LLC

Land Professionals, Inc.

Land Techs, Inc.

Landhook, Inc.

LandStar Resources, LLC

Laneer Resources Company

Larance Engineering Company

Las Colinas Energy Corp.

Latigo Petroleum, Inc.

LaVanCo Energy, Ltd.

LaVida Energy Corporation

Law Offices of Steven C. Haworth

Lawco Exploration, Inc.

Layne Christensen Company

Layne Oil and Gas

Lear & Lear

Lease Brokers, Inc.

Leasehold Management Corp.

Lee A. Disotell & Associates

Lee Law Office

Lee-Ray Petroleum, Inc.

Legacy Energy LLC

Legacy Oil Corp.

Leitrim, Inc.

Lellie & Associates, L.L.C.

Lemle & Kellcher

Leonard Resources LLC

Lera Plugging Co.


Lewis Burleson, Inc.

Lewis Energy Group

Lewis Service Co.

Lighthouse Exploration

Lilley & Associates, LLC

Limark Corporation

Lime Rock Resources

Linn Energy, LLC

Little Oil & Gas, Inc.

Little Pine Resources

LLOG Exploration Company

LMP Exploration, Inc.

LMS Resources, Inc.

Locke Lord Bissell & Liddell LLP

Loftis Energy, LLC

Lone Star Field Services, Inc.

Lone Star Production Company

Lone Star Royalty Co.

Lone Tree Energy, Inc.

Lone Tree Energy & Associates, L.L.C.

Long Branch Exploration

Longfellow Energy, LP

Looper, Reed & McGraw

Losee, Carson & Haas

Louisiana Oil & Gas, Inc.

Lovell & Lyle, P.C.

Lovell, Lovell, Newsom & Isern, LLP

Lu-Ray Petroleum, Inc.

Luxe Energy

Lyco Energy Corp.

Lynch Energy

Lynch, Chappell & Alsup

Lyon Operating Co.

M. E. Operating & Services, Inc.

Maceyka, Richard A. (Law Office of)

Mack Energy Corp.

MacKenzie Land & Exploration, Ltd.

MacKenzie Trail Resources

Maddox, Holloman & Kirksey, P.C.

Magee Corp.

Magnum Hunter Resources, Inc.

Magnum Producing and Operating

Mahaffey & Gore, P.C.

Mainstreet Advisors

Major Oil International

Maker Production Co.

Marathon Oil Company

Marbob Energy Corporation

Marienfeld Royalty Corporation

Maritech Resources

Mark L. Shidler, Inc.

Marline Energy, Inc.

Martin, Bode, Werner & Mann, P.C.

Massey Coal Services

Masters Resources, L.L.C.

Mathews & Branscomb

Matrix Exploration Co.

Maverick Interests

Maverick Land Services

Maverick Petroleum

Maxim TEP

Maxima Energy Corporation

Maxwell Energy, Inc.

Maxwell Operating, Inc.

Maynard Oil Co.

Mayne & Mertz, Inc.

Mazurek, Alford & Holliday PC

MB Exploration, LLC

McCall Firm (The)

McCammon Oil & Gas, Inc.

McCarthy Exploration, LLC

McCartney Law PA

McCartney Petroleum, Inc.

McCauley-Dunn, Inc.

McCutchin Petroleum Corp.

McDaniel Oil Interest

McDowell Family Minerals Ltd. Partnership

McEnco, Inc.

McGinnis, Lochridge & Kilgore, LLP

McGowan Working Partners

MCGR Operating, Inc.

McKinnis & Scott

McMinn Operating Company

McRae & Henry, Ltd.

McRae Exploration & Production, Inc.

McReynolds & Tye, P.C.

Meadows Collier et al

Medallion Oil Company

Medders Oil Company

Megadyne Services Co.

Melvin L. Douglas, P.C.

Mending Fences Ranch, LLC

Meridian Resources

Merion Oil & Gas Production

Merit Energy

Merritt Operating, Inc.

Mesa Chica Corp.

Mestena Operating, Ltd.

Metano Energy, LP

Mewbourne Oil Co.

Mid-Central Land Services, L.L.C.

MidCon Land LLC

Middle Bay Oil Company, Inc.

Middleberg, Riddle & Gianna

Midenergy Operating, LLC3

Midland Energy, Inc.

Midstates Petroleum Corporation

Midway Exploration, LLC

Mike Studdard & Associates

Miles Production Co.

Miller Energy Company

Miller Land Services

Miller Stratvert, P.A.

Miller, Minzer & MacDonald

Minard Run Oil Company

Mineral Resource Management LLC

Minerals Company, LP

Miraved Land Services

MISP, Inc.

Missouri River Royalty Corp.

Mitchell Company (The)

Mitchell G. Ehrlich, Attorney at Law

Mitchell Law Office, P.C.

MKS Natural Gas

Mogollon Production Company

Mohican Oil and Gas, L.L.C.

Momentum Energy, LLC

Momentum Production Corp.

Monarch Resources

Montgomery Properties

Moon & Hines

Moon Royalty

Morning Star Land Services

MorningStar Partners, L.P.

Mosteit Enterprises

MSW Resources

Mule Tools, Inc.

Mull Drilling Company, Inc.

Mullin Hoard & Brown LLP

Mullins & White Energy, Inc.

Mulloy Operating, Inc.

Multibrands, Ltd. Co.

Munsch Hardt Kopf & Harr, P.C.

Munson Operating, Inc.

Murchison Oil & Gas, Inc.

Murvin & Meier Oil Co.

Mustang Drilling

Mustang Fuel Corporation

Myco Industries, Inc.

Myers, James A., Attorney at Law

N/G Discovery, LLC

Nadel & Gussman

National Energy Development, Inc.

National Pride Operating Company

Native American Energy Group

Natural Resources Land Services Corp.

Nautilus Resources, L.L.C.

Navus Operating, Inc.

Nessalk Energy, Inc.

Neuvo Energy Company

New Century Exploration, Inc.

New Dominion LLC

New Era Oil & Gas, LLC

New Frontier Energy, Inc.

New Gulf Energy

New South Minerals Inc.

Newfield Exploration Company

Newman Corporation

NGO Development

NH Energy

NLS, Inc.

Noble Energy, Inc.

Noelke Law Firm

Norberg Technology, Inc.

Norseman Group

Norstar Petroleum, Inc.

North Texas Exploration

Northshore Energy

NorthStar Operating Co.

Northwest Land Services

Northwest Oil Co.

Norwood Resources Ltd.

Novus Oil & Gas

NRG Resources Management LLC

Nucor Oil & Gas, Inc.

Nuevo Energy Company

Nunley, Davis, Jolley & Hill, LLP

Nytis Exploration Co., LLC

O.H.B., Inc.

Oak Hill Resources

Oakpar Resources, Inc.

Occidental of Elk Hill, Inc.

Occidental Petroleum Corp.

OCE Companies, LLC

OG Land and Mineral LLC

OGP Operating, Inc.

Oil and Gas Management, Inc.

Oil Producers, Inc. of Kansas

Oilfield Salvage


OKKI Industries

Okland Oil Corporation

Oleum Operating Co., LLC

Olsen Energy, Inc.

Omimex Canada, Ltd.

Omimex Resources, Inc.

Omni Petroleum Corporation

O'Neill Exploration Company

O'Neill Properties, Ltd.

Oneok Resources

Onshore Energy Corporation

Opal Energy, Inc.

Oracle Resources, L.L.C.

Orange Energy Consultants

Orbit Petroleum, Inc.

Orion Exploration, LLC

Orrick, Herrington & Stucliffe

Ortloff Engineering

O'Ryan Oil and Gas

Oryx Oilfield Holdings, LLC

Osada Properties

Osborn & Griffith

Osborn, Griffith & Hargrove

OSC Energy Partners, LLC

Oscura Resources, Inc.

Osyka  Corporation

OTC Petroleum Corp.

Ott Land Services

Ouachita Exploration, LLC

Output Exploration, L.L.C.

Owl Creek

Oxy Resources California, L.L.C.


P & M Petroleum Management LLC

P. O. & G. Resources

P5 Petroleum, Inc.

Pacesetter Energy, Inc.

Packard Gas Company

Paddock Oil & Gas, Inc.

Padgitt, Padgitt & Peppey

Padilla Law Firm, P.A.

Pagadau Energy Corporation

Paladin Energy Company

Pangaea Properties, Inc.

PAR Minerals Corp.

Parallel Petroleum Corporation

Paramount Field Services, LLC

Parks & Luttrell Interests, LLC

Partee Drilling Company

Parwest Land Exploration

Paschal Energy Services

Patina Oil & Gas Corporation

Patriot Resources, Inc.

Patterson Petroleum

Patton Goggs, L.L.P.

Pax Energy, LLC

Paxton Resources, LLC

Pay Zone Petroleum LLC

Payne Exploration Company

PDS Services, Inc.

Peak Energy Resources, Inc.

Peak Energy Resources, LLC

Pear Resources

Pearl Field Services

Pecos Production Company

Peissel Law Firm

Pelican Energy, LLC

Penn Virginia MC Energy LLC

Pennington Law Firm

Pennmark Resources Co.

Pennsylvania General Energy


PennzEnergy Exp. & Prod., LLC

People’s Resources (The)

Percheron Energy

Permian Land Company

Permian Resources, Inc.

Perry & Perry

Perryman Exploration Partners

Peterson, Farris, Pruitt & Parker

Petit Jean Land Co.

Petro Land Group

Petro Land Services, Inc.

Petro Oil & Gas, Inc.

Petrogen, Inc.

Petroleum Acquisition

Petroleum Development Corp.

Petroleum Engineers of Texas

Petroleum Land Managers

Petroleum Mineral Services

Petron Oil Company

PetroQuest Energy, LLC

PetroSource Energy Company

Petrox Energy Corp.

Peveto Properties, Ltd.


Phillips Energy Partners

Phillips Petroleum Company

Phoenix Production Company

Piedra Resources, Ltd.

PIK Products

Pine Oil Co.

Piney Creek Land & Royalty Companies

Piney Island, L.L.P.

Pinnacle Gas Resources, Inc.

Pioneer Natural Resources USA, Inc.

Pipeline Resources Inc.

Pitcock, Inc.

Pitts Energy Co.

Place Oil & Gas Company

Plains Illinois, Inc.

PLM Services


Pogo Producing Company

Polaris Exploration Corporation

Pontotoc Operations, Inc.

Port Aransas Oil and Gas, Inc.

Powco, Inc.

Powder River Petroleum

Powderhorn Resources, Inc.

Powell & Associates

Power Petroleum

Prejean Company

Premier Minerals, Inc.

Presco, Inc.

Preston Exploration

Priam Energy Company

Pride Refining, Inc.

Prihoda Services LLC

Prima Oil & Gas Corporation

Primal Energy Corp.

Prime Natural Resources

Prime Resources L.P.

Prime West Energy, Inc.

Primrose Operating Co.

Prism Energy

Prize Energy, Inc.

P-R-O Management

Probity Energy Partners

Produced Water Solutions, Inc.

ProNet Advisors, LLC

Property Development Group

Prospective Investment & Trading Company

Proterra Oil & Gas Exploration, Inc.

Proteus Energy Corporation

Providence Exploration & Production, Inc.

Pure Petroleum LLC

QC Oil Services

QEP Resources, Inc.

Quay Valley, Inc.

Questa Energy Corporation

Quicksilver Resources

Quintana Minerals Corporation

R. A. Gibson & Associates

R. K. Pinson & Associates, Inc.

R. W. Steward & Company, LLC

R.B.P. Land Company

R.D.N. Enterprises, Inc.


R.J.D. Management Co., Inc.

R. K. Pinson & Associates, Inc.

Rainbow Oil and Gas, Inc.


Ramey & Flock, P.C.

Ramshorn Investments, Inc.

Ranch Oil Company

Randall T. Cox, P.C.

Range Resources Corporation

Ratcliff & Associates

Rawhide Royalty

Read & Stevens, Inc.

Reagan & Sanchez

Reagan Oil Corporation

Rector & Eargle, PC

Red Willow Production Company

Red Zone Land Services

Reef Exploration

Regalia Land Services, Inc.

Registry Drilling & Development, Inc.

Reiley Exploration

RELI LandService, LLC

Reliable Land Services

Reliance Energy, Inc.

ReliaTerre, LLC

Remora Oil Company

Rene W. VanZanden & Company

Repasses Resources, Inc.

Republic Resources LLC

Reserve Energy Exploration

Resource Energy Technologies LLC

Retog, Inc.

Reunion Resource, LLC

Revard Oil & Gas Properties

Revilo Exploration

Rex Energy Operating Corp.

Rex H. White, Jr., Attorney at Law

REZ, Inc.

RFW Petroleum, Inc.

Riata Energy, Inc.

Rich Clinton

Richards and Richards

Rico Resources, Inc.

Ricochet Energy, Inc.

Riddle Engineering Corporation

Rife Production Company, Inc.

Right of Way Land Services

Riley Land & Legal Consultants, Inc.

RIM Operating, Inc.

Rimrock Gas Company

Rimrod Corporation

Rio Grande Resources

Rio Petroleum, Inc.

Rio-Tex, Inc.

RK Petroleum Corp.

RKD Oil & Gas Land Services

RLS, Inc.

RMS Company, LLC

RNM Risk Management

Robert L. Magee, Inc.

Robert P. Baster, Jr., P.C. (Law Offices of)

Robert W. Pell & Associates, Inc.

Roberts Resources, Inc.

Rob-Joe Oil Company

Roca Resources Co., Inc.

Rock Pointe Resources, Inc.

Rock Resources, Inc.

Rockex Co.

Rockford Energy Partners III

Rocksource Energy Corporation

Rocky Mountain Hydrocarbon LLC

Rodea Resources

Roden Oil Company

Rodessa Operating Co.

Rodriguez, Maria

Roil Mineral & Land Company

Rollo Resources

Rome Corp.

Ronald J. Konantz, Inc.

Ronald L. Moore, P.C.

Ron's Well Service of Oklahoma

Rosa Exploration, Inc.

Rosetta Resources, Inc.

Rosprim & Associates

Rowoil, Inc.

Royal Drilling

Royal Talon Company

Royalty Clearing House

Royalty Investment Ltd., Inc.

Royalty Valuation Service Group

RPS Energy

Rtary Energy Development Corp.

Rummel Land Service

Rust Oil

Ruwwe Oil & Gas Corp.

Ryan Land Co., Inc.


Sachem Resources Corp.

Sabre Management, L.L.C.

Sachem Resources Corp.

Saddle Creek Energy

Sadler & Associates, P.C.

Saga Energy, Inc.

Sage Energy Company

Sagely Oil & Gas

Sam-Ex LLC

Samson Companies

Samson Resources

Samuel Gary, Jr. & Associates, Inc.

San Saba Royalty Company, LLC

Sanchez Capital Advisors

Sanchez Creek South

Sand Cutter Exploration

Sanders Oil & Gas, Ltd.

Santa Fe Petroleum LLC

Santa Fe Snyder Corporation

Santo Petroleum

Santos USA Corp.

Sauder Management

Saunas Resources, Inc.

Savant Resources

Saye Energy, Inc.

Schalk Oil Company


Schmitz Realty Group

Scote Operating Company

Scott Oil & Gas Land Services

Scott, Douglass & McConnico

Seaboard Oil Co.

Sean Brewer & Assoc. Production Co.

Sedona Oil & Gas Corporation

Segthian, Ltd.

Seibel Law Firm

Seibu Lions, Inc.

Semper Fi Services, Inc.

Sendero Energy, Inc.

Seneca Resources

Seneca Resources Corporation

Serenity Bay, Inc.

Serenity Bay, Incorporated

Seven Energy

Seven Wells Oil & Gas Exploration

Shakespear Oil Co.

Shamgar Resources, Inc.

Shear, Inc.

Sheehy, Lovelace & Mayfield

Shell Exploration & Production

Shelton Law Firm, PC

Shenandoah Petroleum Company

Shenandoah Petroleum Corporation

Sherrill, Crosnoe & Goff, P.C.

Shulman Brothers, Inc.

Sibley Oil & Gas Company

Sidekick Exploration LLC

Sidwell Oil & Gas, Inc.

Sierra Resources, LLC

Signal Hill Petroleum, Inc.

Signal Oil & Gas

Sikes & Associates

Simplex Energy Solutions

Simpson, Paula

Sinclair Oil & Gas Company

Sinclair Oil Company

Skees Petroleum, Inc.

SKH Management

Sklar Exploration Company, L.L.C.

Slate Land Service

Slick, Inc.

Snell Law Firm

Snodgrass, Chapman

Snowmass Energy Partners, Ltd.

Snyder Abstract & Title Company

SOC Partnership

Somerset Oil and Gas Company

Sonerra Resources Corporation

Sound Energy, L.L.C.

South Marsh Development, Inc.

South Texas Hydrocarbons, Inc.

South Texas School of Law Library

Southeastern Resources Corp.

Southern Gas of Delaware

Southern Minerals

Southwest Gas & Oil

Southwest Operating

Southwestern Energy Production Co.

Sowell & Co.

Sparta Terra, Inc.

Speller Oil Corp.

Spencer Trust

Sphere 3 Environmental, Inc.

Spicer Oil Co., Inc.

Spooner Petroleum Company

SRW, Inc.

SSC, Inc.

St. Mary Land & Exploration Company

Staghorn Energy, LLC

Staley Operating Co.

Star Production, Inc.

Star Resources, L.L.C.

Statewide Minerals Co.

Statoil Energy, Inc.

Stephen Fort, P.C.

Stephen Smith, Inc.

Stephens & Myers, LLP

Stephens Exploration, Inc.

Stephenson Oil & Gas Company

Steptoe & Johnson PLLC

Sterling Sorrell, P.C.

Steve F. Armstrong Energy Investments

Steven Oil Corporation

Steward Energy Resources

STF America, LLC

Stone Energy Corporation

Stone Energy, L.L.C.

Stone Properties, Inc.

Stonebridge Operating Co., LLC

Stonecipher Law Firm

Stonegate Production Co.

Stonestreet Operating

STP Cherokee, Inc.

Strasburger & Price

Strata View Operating, LLC

Striker Land Services, L.L.C.

Striker Management

Stuart L. Smits & Associates

STX Petro Properties LLC

Subsea Operation Company

Sudwell Oil & Gas, Inc.

Summit Energy Consultants

Summit Petroleum LLC

Sunburst Resources Inc.

Suncoast Tech Services

Sundance Energy Corp.

Sun-Key Oil Company

Sun-West Oil & Gas, Inc.

Supreme Energy Co., Inc.

Swan Energy, Inc.

Swartz Oil & Gas, Inc.

Swikert Exploration

Sycamore Creek Ranch

SYDRI Operating LLC

SYJ Oil & Gas, Inc.

Synergy Operating, LLC

Syntroleum Corp.

T R Underwood Energy Land Service LLC

T. Randall Hill PLM Services

T. S. Dudley Land Company

T.E.L. Oil & Gas Co.

Tamarack Petroleum Company

Tandem Energy Corporation

Tarpon Oil & Gas Co.

Tate, Gowan and Wilson, PLLC

Tauber Exploration & Production Co.

T-C Oil Company

TCB Land Service, Inc.

TDC Energy, L.L.P.

Tejas Western Corp.        

Tellus Operating Group LLC

Tema Oil and Gas Company

Te-Pe Oil & Gas

Termo Company (The)

Terra Firma Ventures, LLC



Texas American Resources Company

Texas Crude Energy, Inc.

Texas Crude Exploration, Inc.

Texas Crude, Inc.

Texas Independent Oil Company

Texas Keystone

Texas Oil & Gas, LLC

Texas Onshore Resources, Inc.

Texas Petroleum Investment Corp.

Texas Research in Petroleum Properties

Texas Royalty Corp.

Texas Southern Petroleum Corp.

Texas Twojay Company

Texcal Energy

Tex-Ok Energy, LP

Textana, Inc.

TGO Operating, LLC

The Caffey Group

The Dabney Company

The Frontline Group of Texas LLC

The George R. Brown Partnership

The H and S Drilling Company

The Mitchell Company

The People's Resources

The Riley Law Firm, Inc.

The Royalty Valuation Service Group

The Termo Company

The Wiser Oil Co.

Thomas C. Mueller, Inc.

Thomas Scheier, LLC

Thomason Resources

Thompson Drilling, Inc.

Three P Operating Company

Three Sands Oil, Inc.

Tidy Energy Resources, Inc.

Titan Energy

Titan Resources, Inc.


TMBR/Sharp Drilling, Inc.

TNT Engineering, Inc.

TNT Land & Minerals

Tom Brown, Inc.

Tom Kirk Energy Supply Corp. LLC

Tommy Swanson Oil Co., Inc.

Tonnsen & Associates

Top Rail Petroleum

Torch Energy Advisors

Toreador Royalty Corporation

TR Energy, Inc.

Tradewinds Oil & Gas, Inc.

Transamerica Minerals Company


Transcontinent Minerals Corporation

Trant Interests, Inc.

Trek Resources, Inc.

Trenton Twenty-One Consortium, LLC

Trepco Production Company, Inc.

Trey Resources

Triad Resources, Inc.

Trian Energy

Tridan Energies, Inc.

Trilogy Operating

Trinity Energy Services, LLC

Trinity Energy, Inc.

Trinity Mineral Trust

Trinity Petroleum Management, LLC

Tri-Star Petroleum Company

Triumph Exploration, Inc.

Truevine Operating LLC

Trunk Bay Royalty Partners Ltd.

TSF Operating

Tucker Arensberg PC

Tug Hill Operating

Tunoil Corp.

Turnco, Inc.

Turner & Allen, P.C.

Turner Oil & Gas Properties

Two Oaks Expl. & Prod. Co., Ltd.


Tyner Land Solutions, LLC

Union Pacific Resources Co.

Unit Petroleum Company

Universal Land Services

Universal Property Dev & Acq Corp

University Land System (Texas)

University of Oklahoma, College of Law


Unoco PLS

Upland Energy

Upton Mickits Hardwick & Heymann LLP

USA T&K International, Inc.


Valco Resource Management

Valley Energy, Ltd.

Van Operating, Ltd.

Vanacore International

Vanado, LLC

Vast Energy

Vaughn Petroleum, Inc.

Vecta Exploration, Inc.

Venable Royalty, Ltd.

Veneto Exploration, LLC

Venoco, Inc.

Ventex Operating Corp.

Venture Oil & Gas

Verdad Oil & Gas Corp.

Vernon E. Faulconer, Inc.

Vernon L. Smith and Associates

Vickers & Vickers

Victor J. Marsico and Associates

Vintage Petroleum, Inc.

Virgin Oil Company, Inc.

Virtual Geoscience Consultants

Vision Energy

Vision Resources, LLC

Vista Resources, Inc.

Vortex Oil, Inc.

Voyager Resources, LLC

W. B. Osborn Oil & Gas Operations, Inc.

W. H. Champion

W. O. Operating Co.

W. W. Brown Jr. Properties

Wadi Petroleum, Inc.

Wagner & Brown, Ltd.

Wagner Oil Company

Wakita Energy Co.

Walker & England

Walker & Walker

Wallis Energy, Inc.

Walsh Oil

Walter Oil & Gas Corporation

Wandoo Energy, LLC

Ward Petroleum Corporation

Ward Williston Oil Company

Waterbury Enterprises, Inc.

Watkins Royalties, LLC

Watson Oil & Gas, Inc.

Weber Law Firm

Weil Group Resources

Weir, Inc.

Welder Exploration & Production, Inc.

Well Star Petroleum LLC

Wells Petroleum, Inc.

Werner & Kerrigan LLP

Wescana Oil and Gas, Inc.

West Hills Energy, Inc.

WesTech Energy Corp.

Western Gas Resources

Western Land Services

Western Nebraska Land Services

Western Production Company

Western Resources Oil Co.

Western Slope Energy Solutions

Westin Energy

WFKS, Inc.

WG Energy, Inc.


Whitaker Chalk

White Eagle Exploration, Inc.

White Oak Energy LLC

White Oak Production Co.

White Wolf Land Service

Whitehead Production Company, Inc.

Whitman Exploration Co.

WhitMar Exploration Company

Wilbanks Resources Corp.

Wildcat Energy, LLC

Wildcat Resources, Inc.

Wildhorse Energy, Inc.

Wilhelm Law Firm

Wilhoit & Kaiser

Wilkat Corporation

Will-Drill Resources, Inc.

William C. Eiland Oil & Gas Properties

William F. Keiffer, P.C.

Williams Land Co.

Williams Oil Company

Williams Production Company

Willis Land Management

Wilson A. Harreld Real Estate

Wilson, Trevino, Freed, Valls & Trevino

Wimberly Ranch

Winstead, Sechrest & Minick

Winvest Capital Management

Wise Oil & Gas

Wise Production

Wise Production Company

Wiser Oil Company

Wondergem Resources

Wood Oil Company

Woodbine Acquisitions LLC

Woodbine Corporation

Woods Land Services

Woodward & Shaw

Woolsey Operating Company, LLC

WT Moran Company, Inc.

WTG Exploration, Inc.

XAE Corporation

Xcelon Land Services LLC

XTO Energy, Inc.

Yale Oil Association, Inc.

Yates Drilling Company

Yates Petroleum

Yohe Enterprises, Inc.

Youde Law Firm

Young & Shedd

Yuma Exploration and Production Co.

Zachry Exploration, Ltd.

Zebra Investments, Inc.

Zier & Associates

Zinke & Trumbo, Inc.

Zydeco Exploration, Inc.