LEGACY05- Royalty Owner Forms

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This collection of forms is divided into 19 topical sections with over 430 forms available. Following the title of each form is a brief explanation of the use that may be made of the form. This information is provided to assist the user in identifying the particular form to be utilized in connection with preparing a document. There are oil and gas lease forms in the collection, which are intended for use by mineral owners who have significant bargaining position. (These lease forms are not just a collection of provisions found in different leases and agreements, but are well organized so that all the terms in a lease are consistent with one another.)

In addition to the forms of agreements, the collection of forms also includes a number of additions or riders that may be added to an oil and gas lease that is submitted to the mineral owner, by a landman or company, to address particular concerns of the mineral owner, which may not be contained in the oil and gas lease form submitted to the mineral owner.



This is an Index of the forms on the Royalty Owner Forms Package. It is divided into Topical Sections, with all the forms in each Section listed alphabetically. In addition to this Index, each Topical Section of the Package begins with the Index of the forms in that Section. For reference, you may wish to “Quick Print” this Index. This will enable you to review the list of forms available, at any time. The Index for many of the Sections, in addition to listing the forms included in the Section, provides a brief explanation of each form and how the form may be used.

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