LEGACY04 - Title Curative Forms & Checklists

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The Title Curative Forms are divided into 21 alphabetized topical sections, with over 270 forms.

There are forms of:

  • Affidavits
  • Assignments and Conveyances of:
    Agreements, Contracts, Liens;
    Easements, Rights-of-Way, Pipelines;
    Mineral and Royalty Interests;
    Oil and Gas Interests;
    Personal Property; and
    Surface Interests.
  • Assignment Provisions
  • Amendments (to Leases)
  • Consents
  • Corrections
  • Disclaimers
  • Notices
  • Partitions
  • Pooling and Unitization forms
  • Quit Claims
  • Ratifications
  • Releases (Full and Partial)
  • Stipulations
  • Subordinations
  • Waivers

They may be used by landmen and lawyers in connection with curing title irregularities or defects found in the records pertaining to a tract of property, or an oil and gas lease.

There are an abundance of affidavit forms to clarify ownership.

In addition, it is anticipated that there may be a need at some point to amend existing oil and gas leases. The collection of forms has a number of amendment forms. There are also consents, corrections, disclaimers, and notices.

In the Pooling and Unitization section, there are a number of declarations, corrections, amendments, and designations that may be useful in connection with the need for combining oil and gas leases. The forms of ratifications and releases (both full and partial) will be useful in connection with curing title to properties.

A landman may want to prepare a curative form to satisfy a title requirement and submit it to the examining attorney for review, to verify it will satisfy the requirement.

An attorney may want to prepare a curative form and deliver it with the opinion, to assure that the curative satisfies a requirement made in the opinion.

All of the forms are formatted in letter size (8-1/2” x 11”). They do not have acknowledgment forms that are a part of the forms. There is a separate section of acknowledgment forms that may be used with any of the documents.



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