Operating Systems Technical Requirements

Operating System Requirements:

The Legacy Energy Forms package templates will run on any computer that has any Microsoft Windows or Apple operating system installed.

Hard Drive Space Required:

5 megabytes is recommend.

Loading Instructions:

Each user will receive an email to verify the purchase of your Legacy Energy Forms package. Your email will contact a secure link that will allow the user to download your purchase of Legacy Energy forms for a single (1) instance. Users will be prompted to select a location to download a .ZIP file. To load your version of Legacy Energy Forms locally on your computer will require the user to unzip the file. Once the file has been unzipped the user will have access to all of the form templates.

Word Processing package Requirements

The Legacy Energy Forms packages run in conjunction with any version of any word processing package installed on your computer. All Legacy Energy forms are supplied in a .doc and .rtf format. This allows users to utilize MS Word, Pages by Macintosh or Google Docs. Please refer to the video library to review the process of converting the files to meet your editing needs.

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